Hope For Today! May 29

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

I am called for greatness and so are You!

In gaining clarity on my Why? I want to help give hope to people through a program when you have no means to get there except by, YOU believing in YOU! You are the answer to your prayers and what you choose to do today. God has purposed you where you are for a reason.

My why has definitely changed because I have changed. Because I have figured out that I am the only one that can change me. No one can do it for you. People can encourage and inspire you but ultimately you have to believe in you so much that you will not quit and you will keep pressing forward even when you want to quit. That’s not saying you don’t need people and community because you definitely do, but if you don’t believe in you and are not passionate about what you are believing for why would anyone else want what you have? You must be so passionate about what you believe in the emotion of the pain it has cost you will come through with every word you share or write.

I believe no one should ever wake up in the morning wondering how did I get here. Will I ever fulfill my purpose an experience peace and joy; feeling like what is the point and why did God save me from everything I have suffered through to have this be my life. God has purposed you where you are for a reason for such a time as this. Nothing has to change except You! You need to believe in You so much that God has put everything inside of you that you need, you only need to believe in You and just go for it!

My why is to help hurting people not feel so alone or ashamed while working through their trauma. When you are walking through this, it is very lonely; one feels shame and embarrassment like no one understands. My why is to build a community of people that believe in themselves enough to support one another through these challenges so we all can be the best version of ourselves and fulfill our God-given dreams. Though everyones story is different, many of the emotions and steps to healing are the same and very relatable. My why is so people can find confidence, joy, and peace in their life, going from living a life of pain to living a life filled with PASSION.

BELIEVE. If I can, so can you; let me walk with you and show you how; so it doesn’t take as long for you as it has for me, feeling so alone and wondering if you’ll ever get to the other side. Will you join hands with me to live a life of PASSION and follow your Dreams?

“Dream Big! Our God is Bigger! Treasures in the Darkness.” I believe it’s time for you to follow your God-given dreams and reach into your heart and find those hidden treasures in the darkness that have made you the beautiful person you are and share your story with the world to pay it forward so someone else can pay it forward.

Believe in You! You are Blessed!

Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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