Hope For Today! June 27

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

You are called for greatness!  

You are fully equipped to fulfill the purpose God has called for your life. People will leave you out but God will make sure your purpose finds you. Never discount the purpose He has called you to right now. 

I finally found my purpose. I believe we all have one calling in life. My calling in life is to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus. When we find our value solely in Jesus Christ it will forever change the trajectory of your life.  With mental illness being so rampant in our world I believe now more than ever the vision and God-Given Dream to give hope to the hurting is more important then ever. Hope means never ever giving up. Todd & I have not given up but I almost did in 2003 and it was over money. God spared my life and now I will pay it forward however God leads me. 

The reason I close each blog with … Enjoy the Journey! Live with Passion! is because I never want to lose sight again of what my calling is now. God wants us to put Him first place in every area of our lives and when we do that we will live in peace. When I lose my peace I must get back to center and spend sometime with God and figure out why I lost my peace. I make my schedule and that’s usually what causes us to lose our peace. 

You will never have this day again so live your life with passion. Set a goal that makes you want to get out of bed and enjoy everyday of your journey. I want to enjoy life on the way to achieving those God-Given Dreams and then I can live with passion. When I say both those statements, I am enjoying the journey and I live with passion it make me feel peace and joy for my every tomorrow. That’s what I want to share from my life story, so you to can have peace and joy, enjoy the journey, live with passion and give hope to the hurting.  I have wasted to many years trying it my way and it doesn’t work. 

Find your value within you and believe in you and not the worlds view of success.  Spend your time being the best version of you and share that beautiful person with the world by sharing your story to touch the lives of others and that has an eternal value that you can’t put a value or price on, because once your find it, it’s priceless.  That is why I blog because it has taken me a lifetime to finally find freedom in Christ and I want to share my heart so others can read and be inspired by how God has transformed my life. 

Things will turn out for the best for those who make the best of everyday.

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!

Melissa 💕 

Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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