Hope For Today! June 26

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

Don’t underestimate the season you are in right now. People may leave you out but God will make sure your purpose finds you always. Wherever you are at in your life. Regardless of what people have said in the past God finds a way to get you what is yours. God has shaped you for a unique purpose and your value comes from Him and Him alone. When you don’t realize this it’s easy to take on the things of the world and not see your true value. 

Don’t discount what you have. God is going to use exactly what you have for you to reach your destiny. God has put everything inside of you for you to fulfill your purpose. 

Believe in you and be the best version of yourself.

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!

Melissa 💕

Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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