Hope For Today! June 23

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

M & M in the Morning! 🌅
Moments of Hope! 💕

Start your day with a message of hope.

No matter what you’re facing know that our God is Bigger! God is in control and He loves you.

Let M & M, Melissa and Melissa encourage and inspire you on this new day.

Melissa Liggitt & Melissa Bruno are inviting you to Live Monday Morning with M & M

Topic: M & M in the Morning!
Moments of Hope! 8:00am

Mornings 8:00am – Moments of Hope! Melissa and I zoom every morning for accountability to keep moving forward in life. We put God first place and we decided to start sharing that time with you. We thank God first and then we share our triumphs and our trials and work through them together as to not stay stuck but continually living with passion and enjoying the journey. One thing I know to be true, our words are powerful. Change Your Words! Change Your Life! Speak it into existence even before you have arrived. That is Faith!

We will be using my book “Dream Big! Our God is Bigger! Treasures in the Darkness.” as a focal point to always Dream Big! After writing this book I realized when I am believing in my God-Given Dreams I am always moving forward. We all have setbacks but it’s the choices we make when those setbacks come that make the difference. My choices since January 2022 have made a profound difference in my life. Good and not so good. There where many struggles along the way, but it was the choices I made about those struggles that decided on what the outcome was going to be. Somedays I did spend in self pity but that is the old Melissa, things are not going as planned and wanting to give up but now I realized that is only going to lead to loneliness, depression and despair. Now, I ask myself how can I make a difference from all the other times to change my results? Make better choices. Don’t you want to be the best version of yourself? I do and Melissa Bruno does, an as we do, we want to bring anyone else who wants to be the best version of themselves along, enjoy the journey with us. I say to myself, “If Only” I would have know then what I am learning now! That is why we are “Paying it Forward” just as we are with all our flaws so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did. Melissa & I have two very different stories but one purpose, to share a message of Hope! Hope means you never ever give up. Your past doesn’t matter, we are giving Hope For Today! The Best Is Yet To Come! Believe that with all your heart. Do you believe the Best Is Yet To Come? That’s why I blog and share with you daily because repetition, having a daily routine, spending time with God, and feeding your mind “I Am” Affirmations daily will change your life. Just Do It! and Believe!

I didn’t plan to share this much but this is what came to my heart. Your “Path To Success” you have to visualize and Dream Big! if you are ever going to achieve all those God-Given Dreams in your heart. If you put in the time you will see the results. That’s especially true putting God first place in your life and spending quality time with Him will be the best decision you could make in your life. There is such a peace that only God can give you spending time with Him.

No More Excuse! If you make the right choices nothing is impossible with God.

Be the Best Version of You! Are you? If your not being the best version of yourself join us Monday live at 8:00am on Facebook so you can become all God made you to be!

You Were Born for Greatness!

Enjoy the Journey!
Live with Passion!
Melissa 💕
Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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