Hope For Today! June 21 + …

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

I have been on medication for bipolar for most of my life since being diagnosed at age 21 years old. After getting out of psych ward in Fall 1987 I was on lithium and very depressed and wasn’t 100% positive that I was bipolar because I was being brainwashed by Amway tapes and believing we where going to be independently wealthy at a young age. My Big Dream to be wealthy!

Todd & I agreed that I would get off my medication and just live life. Todd now knew the signs and would be watching for anything to arise. I needed to get my confidence back, It was the early 1990’s and Tony Robbins had just released – Release the Unlimited Power Within. It’s cost a few hundred dollars but I invested in the program and started to dream again.

In 1992 we started building our beautiful home in Danielsville, Pa. I believe now, that Tony Robbins probably made me believe anything was possible so that’s how we ended up with such a beautiful home.

Around 1994 something traumatic happened in our life, Todd lost his job and I had such guilt over the dream of having such a big home. Todd only wanted a condo with no maintenance but he loved me so much he built the house for me. I remember us going to the head of psychiatry, Dr Rozenswag, University of Pennsylvania and he realized through the bloodwork I was pregnant but then had a miscarriage. Emotional I was not in a good place and got back on psych medication.

I finally got my meds figured out years later after Nick & Zach where born. Dr. McGonigle, a Christian psychiatrist down in the Philadelphia area, he took me off everything and started me fresh and got me on a good regimen that I was more stable. Even though I am on medication I still suffer with depression but my medication has not changed in 20+ years but I have changed my choices since 2/2/22 and my value is in Christ. I believe in myself for the first time in my life and is not ruled by any other thing. God is my source of all peace and now that I have value like a $100 bill that will forever be valuable, so will I, no matter what life has in front of me. God has a good plan for your life.
“I Believe.”

Enjoy the Journey!
Live with Passion!
Melissa 💕

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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