Hope For Today! June 19 

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

Today is going to be a great day! 

God’s mercy is new every morning. Lamentations 3:23. 

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s! You deserve a blessed day whether your able to be with your loved ones today or another day be thankful for the life God has blessed you with wherever you are on your Journey. 

I wrote one paragraph and I already messed up my makeup because I know our journey, especially Todd’s has not been easy for him. Just remember if you didn’t get the love you needed from your earthly father your Heavenly Father excepts you just as you are and loves you unconditionally.

So before we left to go South with the Motorhome in September 2020 I took a video to send to the kids to show them the progress. 

Horse Pole Barn – September 2020 before going South for the Winter 2020/2021

We return in April 2021 and the kids came up to spend time with us for a few days in the beginning of August 2021. We stayed in Motorhome, Nick & Julia stayed in our room and Zach’s bed was setup in the main room. Nick actually helped do the concrete in the spare room with us Saturday morning before they went home. That room I now call the sunroom where I do the elliptical every morning. 

Our Bedroom
Livingroom and Gathering Room August 5, 2021
Eating area – still living in Motorhome August 5, 2021. Little did we know we sold our Motorhome August 17, 2021 and didn’t even have our kitchen finished in pole barn.

To continue tomorrow. 

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!


Blog by: Melissa Liggitt 

The Liggitt’s – Charter Fishing Trip – August 5, 2021. Such a beautiful day!
Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa 

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