Hope For Today! June 18

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

My previous blog I shared with you our beautiful home that God blessed us to be able to build and afford to raise our two beautiful boys, Nick & Zach in. If you recall chapter 9 from my book “Dream Big! Our God is Bigger”we sold our big home because of all the hardship that happened and we also sold our other home in Camden NY that we bought about 6 years before, so we would get away every week to either snowmobile or boat depending on the season. We always tried to have and avenue to have enjoyment when we had our weekends. This was our relaxation time. Nick and Zach where in their upper teens and you know how that goes ( don’t need to spend a lot of time with Dad & Mom)I think many can relate and we understood because we where the same way. 

As soon as Zach turned 12 years old, Nick was 15, and everyone could drive their own snowmobile we started looking for a place in Upstate New York like Uncle Vince and Aunt Judy’s place. Uncle Vince was & Aunt Judy is One in a Million! They knew how to enjoy the journey and live with passion! Uncle Vince is know longer with us but his legacy lives on. Todd & I, Nick & Zach lives will be forever changed because we learn to enjoy the journey and live with passion from them. That just came to me now. Todd & I would not even be in upstate New York if it wasn’t for Uncle Vince Aunt Judy influence on our life and the years of good times we have enjoyed. 

Nick was 5, Zach was 2 years old when we starting going to Boonville, NY to Uncle Vince and Aunt Judy’s place.  It was the only vacation we went on most of the years as Nick & Zach were growing up, because vacations were not that enjoyable. I’m sharing this now because it might help someone. Nick and Zach did not get along as kids so that made feel less of a person and made me even more depressed. I just wanted these two perfect little boys and this perfect little family and this perfect little house …

PERFECT! that was the last thing it was because I had to control everything. I mean everything. I’m able to share with you now because who am I really trying to impress? I want to give you hope that your call is to follow God and help other people follow God. Let God put your gorgeous puzzle back together of the beautiful sand beaches and the glow of the sun on your face ( like the picture above, no blemishes) and all the past is gone and the rest is your gift. The present to unveil!

This was our New York home sold November 2019 and big house move out November 15, 2019, and then we move in 780sq ft cabin. The big house didn’t close till January 15, 2020 and loss $200,000 because lien not signed at closing ( still in the courts) and then got horse pole barn April 13, 2020 and lived in Motorhome fulltime until pole barn was livable August 2021. Sold Motorhome because we got an awesome offer on it and Zach’s college football was starting back up at WCU.

Camden, NY Home 2018 
sold November 2019

Winter 2016 
Camden NY Home 
Sold November
2020 Tiffin we bought in September 2019 before we sold our 2 homes the next 2 months. 
We moved everything we owned out of 5000 sq. home and NY home and had it in this black trailer, a 10×20 wood shed rented in Watertown NY where we still snowmobile and this 2 bedroom cabin that we rented from my very special friend Carol. 
This Cabin we rented from October 2019-June 4, 2020 Zach was not happy with his living arrangements at WCU and went through a very difficult time with the loss of our family home also. Nick & Julia got married May 25, 2019 so Nick wasn’t living at home anymore. The guilt over Zach not having a home to come to was destroying me. I was so afraid for him feeling all alone. 
Adams Horse Pole Barn Home April 13, 2020. Nothing inside but we have a vision and little by little we are getting it done. 

This is where we live now this is April 13, 2020
We lived in Motorhome while we renovated pole barn and September 2019 we headed south down to see Nick & Julia and then down Zach, We where gone till April 2021 except to see the kids. 

Tomorrow I will show you the finished inside. God is good. 

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!


Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

My Vision Board that hung in the sunroom in our big home, hung in the cabin after losing our home, but took it apart when we moved in Motorhome fulltime. Very low time in my life. 

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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