Hope For Today! June 11

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

Well, yesterday was a totally awesome day! From getting up at 5:00am to starting my day with God. In my book I have my daily routine.

Yesterday, I did my routine by 6:15am and Todd asked if I wanted to go walk on the beach and I put God first in the morning, was working on my blog but didn’t finish it and almost said no to the beach because I wanted to post it. Now this is the stuff God is revealing to me. What is more important Todd or posting that blog? I almost lost sight of that when I was going to say no to the beach. But, I thought about missed opportunity that God gives us and because we are not open to receiving them and we miss our blessing. 

We went to the beach by 7:00am and Todd & Leah walked and I got to spend more time with God and finish my blog in the beautiful surroundings of the beaches of Lake Ontario. Todd and I don’t really have a lot in material things as we did year ago which has made me appreciate life in a much different way. My value is in me now and the fact that I am a child of Jesus Christ, not ANYTHING else. It has taken me all my life and time but when you get it what a sense of freedom God gives you. 

Todd & I started with nothing as an 18 and 21 year old couple. But we where so happy back then before the bipolar diagnosis at 21 years old. Yesterday felt like we where those two sweethearts again spending the day sightseeing the shores of Lake Ontario, Alexandria Bay, 1000 Islands, & Wellesley Island on the Thousands Islands. 

I’ll step back a minute. When we got home from walking at the beach Todd asked what I wanted to do today. I said what are your thoughts and he share this awesome day together. I said I would love to do that. 

I zoomed with my friend Melissa, a Divine Connection, we met by zoom through Life on Fire in March 2022. We zoom every morning for accountability and to support each other. After I finished zoom we got ready to leave. 

I was getting ready. Todd packed the cooler, the food, the car and everything we needed and he even drove so I could work on stuff in the car. I had my phone out in the car and I decided I’m going to give Todd all of me today and unless it’s Nick or Zach texting I’m not going to be on my phone. The day was awesome. We stopped in Watertown to do some errands on our way home and decided to get whole Maine lobster tails steamed at the store and take home to finish off the day. All that blessing I received because I said yes to Todd instead of trying to finish my blog. God has put that spark back into our marriage in one day that I have been praying for. 

God is so good! God will always be #1, He is the pilot, Todd, #2, co-pilot and the kids are along for the ride, wherever God will take them. 

Don’t confuse ministry for God. Our family is more important than ministry and making money. You give it everything you got to help others the money will come and if it doesn’t you can still Enjoy the Journey!

“Live with Passion”

Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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