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Moments of Hope!

The Power of the Pen!

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The Power of the Pen!
I wrote my first blog on March 6, 2022. It was our birthdays, Nick and I. Nick turned 25, he is our oldest son. Zach our 21 year old son, at that time came up to Nick & Julia’s home from college and Todd & I where all having a birthday celebration at their place.
After our birthday celebration I asked Julia, my daughter-in-law if she could help me setup a website or something I was thinking about starting to blog a little and share my heart. Julia and I shared and she brought her computer to the dining room table and she said what would you like it to look like. I said, something on a beach that when you look at it you want to close your eyes and it can take you away even if for a minute from whatever life has you spinning around with.
She went into canva which I never heard of an we put in beaches and we found the picture. I knew when I saw it. She said what do you want it to say? Hope For Today! and somewhere I want to put “God’s mercy is new every morning. Lamentations 3:23. She created this page in 10 minutes in a free WordPress site and I want to name “Hope For Today” but it was taken so I added the 55 so I would remember when I started on this journey, we named it Hopefortoday55.Wordpress.com

We added another page sharing what I say every morning before I get out of bed. “Today is going to be a great day.” and I put all that other stuff on the bottom because I wanted to really be able to impact the world in my Dream Big thinking!

I’m going to shift directions. I had planned on blogging on everyone should be writing their own life story everyday then you don’t have to rewrite your story you are sharing it real time which makes it real, but an opportunity arose…
I have been up since 5:00am, went on elliptical, while on elliptical did my morning positive affirmations out loud, read my Dream Big Devotional and God spoke to me as to what to blog about today and I start working on my blog when I’m on the elliptical and it was to, “Put Pen To Paper.” An opportunity presented itself and I said yes and I’m now sitting at the beach looking out at Lake Ontario while Todd, my husband and Leah, our Siberian Husky walk about 1 1/2 hours while I spend time with God. I first said no to Todd when he asked me because I was not finished with my blog or had not showered yet, but, I said no, I stopped and said, do you know what, yes, I do want to go, can I shower and I’ll be ready in 10.
I am realizing that we need to “Live with Passion” and “Enjoy the Journey”. My mission in my life is God, Todd, Nick, Zach, Julia and everything else after. I put God first when I got up, Todd wanted to go to the beach but I was going to put finishing my blog in front of going to the beach with Todd. Sometimes God opens a door and we close the door to the next best thing He has for us. Sometimes if you say no to that opportunity someone will get that opportunity and receive the favor that belonged to you. Really think about that this week before you say “No”. Could this be a opportunity for something greater that God is leading me to.
All we know is we have today. We can’t take it with us. Your character and the value in yourself and others is what is truly the reward in this life and the legacy you leave from the life that you have lived. Enjoy every minute of your life and if your not then connect with us and we can give you the Hope that we have found in Jesus Christ. If your not enjoying the journey and living with passion today is your day to break free from it all just be YOU! Be the Best Version of Yourself!
Melissa Liggitt
Blog By: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

Share your heart in the comments and I will continue to share mine. 


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