Hope For Today! June 1, 2023

Hope For Today! The Best Is Yet To Come!

Todays’s going to be a great day! 😎
God’s mercy is new every morning! ✨ 💖 Lamentations 3:23
God will give you the grace for this day. 🙏

You have a great life in front of you
but your great life is in front of you,
it’s not behind you. What you did back there ain’t got nothing to do with what God got for you, what you did back there was learn the lessons to get you to where you are at this particular moment right here , but what God got for you, do you know that you can actually mess your life completely up and you can turn around and get it right?

I don’t know if you’ve ever lost everything before or felt you where at rock bottom, but I’ve been bottomed out many times, I’ve seen rock bottom and had to climb way back financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I’ve been through some hard times but
I’m just trying to tell you, God is really with you, matter of fact, God is in the forgiving business. You can make mistakes or think you shouldn’t make, but God is in the forgiving business. If you got dreams and visions, God is in the make your dreams come true business. I’m not a perfect person, none of us are. I am a flawed human being, we all are, we don’t have it all together. but guess what, none of us do. I’m hurting, everybody is going through something, everybody is, but if you got God you can make it.

I know you all want to be successful and you want to be happy but you got to get there. There is a shortcut to getting there, the shortcut to getting there is the relationship with God, if you try it without him you’re gonna fail miserably, you’re gonna sink, it’s gonna be ugly for you, identify your gift and get busy with it.

Identify your gift and get busy with it.
God gave all of you a gift, identify your gift it is the thing that you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort, that’s your gift. Get busy at that, He put that gift inside of you, He didn’t hide it under a rock or put it under the mountain, He put the gift in you. Ask God to reveal your gifts to you and start living in your gifting! 🌟


Your greatest life lessons don’t come from the good times or the successes. They always come from the hard times we pushed through. That’s where we grow. That’s what prepares us for our greatness.

“So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.””
‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭31‬:‭6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Everything you have been through has prepared you for such a time as this, Today! This perspective can drastically change your entire outcome and outlook on your life. Things didn’t happen to you, they happened for you, and that is what has made you the valuable Gem that you are this very moment! Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Let’s live the Eagles Live!

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40‬:‭31‬ ‭NLT‬‬

How do we change the world?
One act of random kindness at a time! 💕

Pay It Forward! Today if just to smile at another. You don’t know the impact that smile might have on someone’s life today.

My goal today isn’t to reach millions!
My goal is to reach you!
My goal isn’t to change millions of lives!
My goal is to change the life of One!
And The firsone is the person I look at in the mirror every morning when I get

💖 🌟 DREAM BIG! 💖 🌟

Enjoy the Journey!
Live With Passion!
Many Blessings ! 🙏
Melissa 💕

Blog by Melissa Liggitt

In the name of Jesus!

Steve Harvey

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa 💕

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