Hope For Today! July 5

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

I heard a story about this old man that lived in extreme poverty his whole life and after he died the family came to clean out his apartment and they had a yard sale to sell his belongings.  One of the neighbors came over and bought this painting for $5.  After he got it home and began to look it over, it had some unique qualities so he took it to a local art gallery to see if it was of any value.  After looking it over the gallery appraised the painting for 3 million dollars.  All those years this man had this painting hanging in his old run down apartment  living in poverty never realizing the value that he had.  That is the same way it is with us. God has instilled in use so much value and worth.  Our value comes from Him and Him alone.  Most of us are just wasting it trying to keep up with the latest thing that we think is going to make us happy instead of enjoying the journey and living with passion using the gifts God has given each one of us.  It might not be a tangible 3 million dollars but I think you get the example.  Many of us, myself included forget all the great things about ourselves that make us who we are.  God only wants the best for us but we need to seek Him so we are close enough to hear when He is calling our name and leading us the direction we need to go.  I guess I’m writing this today because this is about my 4th attempt at getting my blog out today and I’m still feeling God’s presence as I share.  It’s simple.  When you spend time with God, He is close and it is very evident because it radiates out of you.  I write from my experience the last few months.  When  you loose your peace get back to center.   “Be still and know that He is God.”  Psalms 46:10 and He will give you your peace back.  Trust me it works.  I will get up tomorrow at 5:00am to go on elliptical, and do my morning routine because I miss my time with God and I miss not having the peace of God.  It’s an awesome place to be and each time I loose it is becoming a shorter lesson each time.  In May, I think it took me a week to work through it.  This time only four days.   Hopefully someone is learning something from my mistakes and if not I definitely am.  Stand in Faith!

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion! Melissa 💕  

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Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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