Hope For Today! January 27, 2023

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

Jesus Calling! πŸ™ 


HEAVEN. When you walk on this path, you live above your circumstances. My glorious Light shines more brightly on those who follow this path of Life. Dare to walk on the high road with Me, for it is the most direct route to heaven. The low road is circuitous: twisting and turning in agonizing knots. There the air hangs heavy, and dark, ominous clouds predominate. Relying on your own understanding will weigh you down. Trust in Me absolutely, and I will make your path straight.

JOHN 14:1-2


🌟 Dream Big! πŸŒŸ 

This is an awesome reminder to Trust in the Lord. Walk on the high road and live above your circumstances. Jim Rohn said it best: β€œSuccess is something you attract by the person you become.”  If you want more, you must become more. So often we want our circumstances to change, but the way to have better is to become better. God will change your circumstances, but He’ll change you first. 

I thought I was simply developing a Dream Routine to get my mind off of how messed up my life had become, but God was leading me to become a better me.

Dream Routine …

1.  Spend time with God every morning in prayer, journaling and reading the Bible. 

2. Listen to motivational teachings and messages. 

3.  Read success books. 

4.  Declare and Pray over your list of Dreams & Goals. 

5. Exercise

My Dream Routine has changed my life and making the right choices every morning is what is going to get me to Become Unshakeable. 

Stand in Faith!

🌟 Dream Big! πŸŒŸ 

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!


Melissa Liggitt πŸ’• 

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