Hope For Today! February 4, 2024

Hope For Today! The Best Is Yet To Come!

God is so God! 🙏

It is raining here in Daytona Beach, Fl, this morning but we are still out on the Riverwalk walking Leah, our Siberian Husky, getting our exercise. God still is showing His beautiful splendor in the sunrise. 🌅 He is Awesome! 🙏

No matter what you’re facing know that our God is Bigger! God is in control and He loves you. Let me encourage and inspire you on this new day.

I take this time to share from my heart to yours from my life journey how God is taking my pain and turning it into my passion to give Hope to the hurting.

“Today is going to be a great day! God’s mercy is new every morning. Lam. 3:23. God will give you grace for this day.” (Tell yourself that out loud every morning before you put your feet on the floor.) It will put a smile on your face and then tell yourself… “I will enjoy the journey, today is a gift to me, Look Up my Child to God or whatever higher power you believe in and say, I will enjoy this day! God give me the Grace for this day and help me to Live with Passion! “I Believe repetition, consistency and making the right choice is the key to Success.”

“Success is something you attract by the person you Become!
If you want more you must Become more!”


“My prayer is that you will HOPE, BELIEVE, and then BECOME all that God has for you. DARE TO DREAM BIG WITH GOD!”

Will you join me and make this day the day you start to Dream Big! Our God is Bigger! and find those treasures in the darkness and turn them into secret riches to Live Your Best Life Now!

God has brought us to such a time as this to join hand and “Pay It Forward”. Direct Message (DM) if you would like to join hands with me on this mission.

How do we change the world?
One act of random kindness at a time!

It is time to be a world changer!

Everyday, Remember to Enjoy the Journey! and Live with Passion!

Have a blessed day!
Melissa 💕

Blog by Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa 💕

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