Hope For Today! August 20

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!

Moments of Hope!

God is saying to you today, “I am keeping a record of everything that should’ve been yours. I know what you didn’t get. I saw you working hard, raising your children, and making sacrifices. I saw you taking the treatment, keeping a good attitude, praising Me when it wasn’t improving. Don’t worry, the answers are coming. I am going to restore the years that you’ve lost. An unbelievable and unexplainable blessing is coming your way. I am settling the score. I am giving you back everything the enemy has stolen. Remember I have the final say. Don’t give up. I love you!”

Today is a gift and whatever we have been through in the past is done but the future is a blank canvas for us to “Dream Big”. Write the vision make it plain on paper. What Dreams would you Dream if you knew you could not fail? Let’s Dream the Impossible and start believing with everything in us that they are going to happen. It is such a better way to live your life then not to Dream Big!

God has a great future for your life but you must believe first before anything will begin to happen in your life. I am so exited for what God has in store for our future because I have Hope For Today! I believe the Best is Yet To Come!

Live life with such an expectation for a better tomorrow and day by day will get you closer to your dreams and goals. Keep putting the positive in and you will get positive out. You reep what you sow. If you sow into you future only good things you will produce good things.

When I think about producing great things I think of our two awesome sons, Nick & Zach. God has blessed our family so much, even with being bipolar since 21 years old, I always instilled in Nick & Zach that they could accomplish anything they believed in their heart they could achieve. Nick is married to Julia, his beautiful wife, and is an entrepreneur and is exceeding in life because he believes in himself and everything God has in store for his life and Zach is exceeding in his life.

We are down in West Chester, Pa near Philadelphia at West Chester University. Zach, our youngest son is in his senior year of college. He plays college football, and is a football captain this year. Zach had his first scrimmage last night . Even though I struggled with self-confidence in my life I instilled in them that anything is possible. Now, their lives are encouraging me to be the best version of myself because I see it works. I know God is not done with me yet and I am inspired to be the best version of myself and you should too! God has put so much inside of us that is beyond our wildest dreams. 🌟 Dream Big! 🌟

Progress = Happiness

Believe in You, Believe in Your Dreams!

Enjoy the Journey!
Live with Passion!
Melissa 💕
Blog by: Melissa Liggitt

Believe In Miracles! Blessings! Melissa

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