Hope For Today! April 14, 2023

Hope For Today! The Best Is Yet To Come!

Please be praying for Todd & I as we have the opportunity to share our story to hundreds of kids this summer at Next Generation Kids Camp. Camp Anderson Anchored

Todd & I where down with Melanie Butz & Jim, my sister and brother in law and we went to Mistletoe State Park to check it out and we met Kevin & Jodie Hornsby as we where walking around the campground.   The dogs were being friendly so we started talking. Kevin  mentioned that they do a kids camp, 10 weeks out of the summer, with over 1000 kids from all walks of life to share God’s love to the Next Generation Kids. The camp is Next Generation Kids Camp 


I shared my mission with Kevin & Jodie which is giving Hope to the hurting through my life story living with bipolar. Living behind the mask all my life till last January 2022.  Now my mission is Break the stigma of bipolar and live in freedom.

Life is hard, and living with bipolar is really hard. But with God’s Grace all things are possible. I have realized the choices I make before I put my feet on the floor in the morning and all day long is what is going to determine what lies ahead for my future. You are in control of your future and when God closes one door, walk down the hall because He has something even better at the open door. Hope For Today!  The Best Is Yet To Come!

It’s time to Thrive instead of Survive.  

Before you put your feet on the floor in the morning say…

Today’s going to be a great day! 😎 

God’s mercy is new every morning. Lamentations 3:23

God will give you the Grace for this day!

Everyday you wake up you have a second chance to do whatever you want, 

to be whoever you want.

The only thing stopping you is you.

I believe that we create our own fate 

that our lives are shaped by a series choices. One decision leading to another, 

times of great joy or years of regret.

In the end it’s up to us 

we get to write our own story. 💕 

I realize now all the wasted time, living in fear and not faith. In the end it’s up to us, we get to write our own story! 🌟 

Dream Big! Our God is Bigger! 💕

Treasures in the Darkness. My book and journal, share clips of living in years of regret.  Decide today to Look Up and Dream Big! Our God is Bigger!  

This is a great scripture from Isaiah 45:3…

“And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness- secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I lam the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name.”

Isaiah 45:3

Take your treasures hidden in the darkness as I am and Pay It Forward! to someone today!  God will bring Secret Riches from that darkness because you are being faithful and trusting Him. 🙏 

How do we change the world?

One act of random kindness at a time! 

Dream Big! 🌟 

Enjoy the Journey!

Live with Passion!

Many Blessings!

Melissa Liggitt 💕 

Blog by Melissa Liggitt 


Believe In Miracles! Many Blessings! Melissa

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