Hope For Today! March 10

God’s mercy is new every morningLamentations 3:23. This is one of my life verses. 

When I was going through some of the most difficult times in my life I would keep standing in Faith and claim this scripture that today is a new day. That is where Hope for Today was birthed. As I laid in bed, I would think I’m not the only person in this world that doesn’t feel like not getting out of bed,not having any purpose for the day and staying in bed all day. I knew that God still had me here for a reason. I have been seeking God’s Will and Purpose for my life since we sold both our homes and Nick got married and Zach went to college. The empty nest, going through a pandemic and being bipolar, dealing mainly with depression and ADHD without anyone knowing but Todd and my doctors is a season of life I was going through, I was in a very black whole . Living in the darkness and being very isolated Is not good, you feel like you will never get out

In January 2022 I made a choice, if anything was going to change I was the only person that could make that change. I choose to get up that January day and decided I was going to make a difference and help other people and give them Hope for Today. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I started praying and seeking God’s Word for His Will for my life. 

Nick and Zach, our sons, never new I was bipolar until January 22, 2022, when I shared my personal testimony with them. I knew they had to know the truth before I wrote my book, Bipolar-Our Life Journey. Todd protected me from the stigma of bipolar so that I could live a somewhat normal life and not think other people where judging me. I feared Nick and Zach would look at me differently because I was bipolar so I never told them, but it was just the opposite. They encouraged and loved me unconditionally and said I could accomplish anything I put my mind toand are so proud of me for sharing a message of hope to other people and giving God all the glory. 

I posted this on January 22, 2022 to friends and family. 

Please pray for me as I start the next season of my life. I know God has called me to do more. God is giving me a vision beyond my circumstances. I have such a heart for the emotional hurting to help bring healing to them through God’s Word. I believe my life is my message. I’m not sure how it will unfold but God does. I will STAND IN FAITH not fear. God has me here for a reason and I want to share that to help others.



Please continue to pray for our family in the next season of our life. 

God Bless an have a blessed day!

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